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21 May 2015 @ 10:23 pm
Today I've passed the first exam to get my driving license. I'm happy! I still have to pass the other one, which I fear will be more difficult, but it's already something I've made it through the first. I was very nervous this morning since my turn was set back two hours and I had to wait a lot. The reason being that two Chineses of the previous turn got mixed up — I laughed a little. But all's well that ends well o:

Lately I've got hooked on visual novels. I had never tried them because of multiple reasons - laggy old computer, I'm clumsy at installing things, etc... - but with my new PC they seem to work just fine. It's a terrible thing for my homework they do, but oh well...

Yesterday I've been playing DRAMAtical Murder. From the few horrible anime screenshots I saw by chance time ago I thought it was kitsch and silly, but it's actually very good. I really recommend it to all yaoi lovers, I can guarantee at least Clear's route is lovely (y).

Today I've seen Gangsta.'s PV! It looks quite well done. I remember the first chapters of the manga were nice, so I'm looking forward to this anime. I've heard it will air in July.

I'm also following Ore Monogatari. It's extremely cute and funny, with a kind of main character you don't get to see often in anime. Among this season's anime series, I think it's the one I'm enjoying the most. Too bad Owari no Seraph ended up being the same old and repetitive shounen anime. I'm following it only for the animation and the BL hints, really.

I think I've ended rambling for today~
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15 May 2015 @ 04:45 pm
After a two-year-long hiatus, I'm back! I needed a place to freely express my nerd side and I concluded that I could just reopen this old livejournal. I know livejournal's golden age has passed, but I still like it here. Livejournal has been important to me and it has helped me making some wonderful friendships that enriched my life, so it's a pleasure to come back here. I've noticed many people have left, but if some of you are still active, drop a comment to say hi! Also, thank you to all those who wished me happy birthday months ago. Unfortunately I've only noticed now because I've been inactive for long, but it still made me happy!

I've tidied the blog, removing broken links and such, so it should be more neat now. Nevertheless, let me know if you see blank images etc!
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04 November 2012 @ 04:47 pm
Hello my friends! I'm still alive, actually, I'm super alive! I've just came back from Italy's n° 1 comic fair, Lucca Comics and Games. It was amazing, even better than last year's! Mainly it was because of... millefoglie94!!! I finally met her! Together with her sister and her friends. They've all been very nice and kind, and I've enjoyed being with them (: millefoglie94 is a lovely girl!!! She gave me a gift, a dish (a dessert, actually) *moved* Look I took a picture!

It's called frutta martorana and it's a Sicilian traditional dish! Thank you once more millefoglie94!!! (:

Back to the fair... it was full of nerd stuff, and yet I didn't buy as much as I had last year. I bought:I didn't take many pictures, but you have to see this one!

PSY's cosplayers! Ahah, they're gorgeous and too funny X°D 

How are you? I hope you're doing fine! Hopefully, if school allows it, I'll be more on LJ! So... see you soon (: 

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10 July 2012 @ 01:49 pm
☆ ...together with my wallet. On Saturday I discovered a comic shop full of complete series and out of print stuff. And there, among the other manga, I saw Riyoko Ikeda's Orpheus, Banana Fish, Sanctuary (recommended by millefoglie94) and Fuyumi Soryo's ES. If I could, I would have bought them all. But I could not, so... guess which one I decided to buy! Guessed? Okay, here it is ↓

- 60,00€ from my wallet. Actually, this series is not available in English nor in other languages. I couldn't find it, not even on the Internet. And on eBay it was much more expensive (about 90,00€). This, together with my love for Riyoko Ikeda's works, was enought to make up my mind.

☆ Another recent buying is The Innocent, a one volume series written by Avi Arad (who also worked on the Spiderman film series. And you know I have a thing for Spiderman...). I love the art, by Yasung Ko.

The story is another matter... it has a good plot, but is too rushed: I had to reread some parts to understand everything and many details were left without a proper explanation, so that when I ended this volume I had the feeling something was missing. However, in the end still a good read. I wish it was developed better but... I'm happy a bought it.

☆ Lately I've been very pissed because I wasn't satisfied with any of the manga I've read online, and when I wondered why, I understood I was reading only yaoi manga. And that was why. Most yaoi manga are always the same, so boring. I love m/m relationships, but lately I'm growing a hate for yaoi manga XD So, I decided to take a break and read some shoujo instead. I'm so happy I did. Yesterday I've read this awesome seven volume manhwa, Savage Garden.

The plot in a nut shell: "In 18th century, England, a girl is framed in an intrigue and has to dress as a boy in a all-boys school to impersonate Jeremy, her deceased best friend. But she's different from the spoiled alumns of the college and because of this she unintentionally draws attention to herself. She'll be wrapped in a very difficult situation, among jealousy and wickedness, but she'll also be able to meet true love and friends who will give everything for her." The end is a bit rushed and, like in The Innocent, one or two details could have been better developed. However, an amazing read. Seriously. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially to those who love intrigues and passionate stories.

☆ And after all this serious talking... a scene in Supernatural dedicated to slash fans! I couldn't believe it when I watched it XD Watch it, it's hilarious!
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07 July 2012 @ 10:50 pm
Hello friends! I've just discovered how to organize your manga or anime folder in a very cool way. Wouldn't it be perfect if, after opening your manga folder, you could see straight away which series you've completed, which ones you're reading and which ones you have still to read? I'm using Vista, but I think for XP or Windows 7 users the procedure shouldn't be different.

Uncool folder:

Cool folder:


☆ Find an icon set you like, and download it. iconarchive.com is a good place to start searching ;3
☆ Unzip the icon set in a safe place.
☆ Now go to your manga folder → right click on a random folder icon.
☆ Select “properties” from the drop down menu.
☆ Click on the “customize” tab.
☆ Click on the “change icon” button, at the bottom of the window.
☆ Click "browse" and go to your safe place, where you unzipped the icons set.
☆ Chose an icon!

If you don't want to download a very big set of icons, these are the icons I've used (whole set here).
                                                    TO READ                 COMPLETED                   READING
                                                       DROPPED            FAVOURITE #1              FAVOURITE #2

This year's 15th issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine is announcing on Wednesday that a television anime adaptation of Julietta Suzuki's Kamisama Hajimemashita shōjo manga has been green-lit. The story follows a girl named Nanami who finds herself homeless after her father leaves. She comes to the home of a boy who offers to let her stay over — only to discover it is a Shinto shrine. The boy happens to be a deity. (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/)

If you just heard something, yeah, that was me screaming. And if you've heard something again, that was probably kael1030 screaming.
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26 June 2012 @ 07:34 pm
Lately I'm very very happy. I've decided to change my layout so that it could fit my mood. Does this new layout look happy and summerish? I hope so. I made the background blue because people say the human brain feels relaxed when our eyes look at something blue. I don't know if that's true, however I really feel relaxed when I look at it.

Today I've catched up with Tsuritama and I've watched all the available episodes (I thought the 11th was the last one, and when I discovered there is one more to go I felt kinda depressed).

I really love this anime. And when there was this scene,

I was like...

Really, this anime is killing me. It's just too lovely. And even though it might not look like it, it's a very profound anime: it's about friendship, love, loyalty, shyness, teenage difficulties... all things that are part of us.

And I'm behind with Sakamichi. Why don't they sub it fasterrr~ I promised my mum we would watch it together, so I'm waiting for Italian subs. So... go, Italian people, get a move on with those subs! Uff... *annoyed*

Yesterday I've watched a very odd movie: Cool World. I must be honest, I've watched it because I loved Holli. She was too cute and provocative at the same time. A music video! That's how I discovered this old movie.

And, before I forget... this isn't a movie for children! You know, I wanted to write it, just in case someone wanted to watch it with children around O___O

Lately I'm reading When A Man Loves A Man by Youka Nitta. Gosh, this title is embarassing. A-ehm, anyway, this manga is nice and enjoyable. It's about hosts *3* It has very good drawings, too, which I hadn't expected. And there are many main characters, all gay and gorgeous. What more could you want? ;D Okay so now I'm going to do something stupid XD But who cares it's my blog.

Poll #1849772 undefined

If you were to go to a host club, which one would you choose?


"Don't you have anything better to do?" Nah, I don't. So, okay, you must voteee, absolutely! I voted for # 3. I have a thing for blond guys.
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20 June 2012 @ 01:04 pm
Since kael1030 has recently made a post about the books she's going to read, I decided I want to make one, too. The idea would be to read all these books during summer vacation, but I don't think I'll afford ten books in two months and a half XD Anyhow, I took a photo:

1) The Lies of Locke Lamora is the book I'm currently reading. I bought it because it was discounted, and because of that I had thought it would have been mediocre, or even horrible (and, yeah, I bought it anyway *lOl*). But it's actually marvelous, super-cool, very catching. One of the best books I've ever read! So happy I bought ittt~ It almost made me cry, not joking, during a very sad scene. READ

2) Fever 1793, a book I've already read something like five years ago. My cousin lent it to me and after reading it I had to give it back to her. Then I discovered this book was not printed anymore. So, figure how happy I was when I found it in a bookshop!

3) Call Me By Your Name, dealing with homosexuality. I think this book will be very interesting, people say it's a classic or something. It must be very well-written. READ

4) Mockingjay, the second book of the Hunger Games series was awful, I didn't like it at all. Hopefully, this will be better ─ according to millefoglie94's sister :D

5) 1Q84, this will be tough.

6) Meno male che ci sei, I have already talked about this book in one of my latest posts.

7) Reunion, I was given this book by my English teacher as summer homework. Luckily, I'm sure this will be a good book!

8) Shadows Return, fourth book of the Nightrunner series. I'm looking forward to this, even if it will be tough to read, since it's all in English. A friend of mine said this is much better than the third book! READING ~

9) This is a collection of four comedies written by Oscar Wilde. I've already read some of his tales and his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, but I have never read his comedies. I think now it's time to get started ;3 READING ~

10) Psychological Types. Ahaha. Like I'm going to read this whole huge book during summer... no way.

What about you? Leaving manga apart, what are you going to read in summer?
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16 June 2012 @ 11:39 pm
I'm baaack... with the summer 2012 anime chart! Right click for full size.

What are you going to watch? Me, I'm not very excited about this new season. But I haven't watched the trailers yet, so I can't really tell whether this season will be good or not. However, I'll surely watch: Natsuyuki Rendezvous. And... stop? Oh, yeah, I'm curious about this  「K」 anime...
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11 June 2012 @ 01:57 pm
I'm finally on holidays!!! Today is my first, official day of holidays. School is over. KYAY. This means: staying at the pc whenever I want, reading whenever I want, do whatever I want, going to whichever place I like and so on. I've already started the reading whenever I want part yesterday. I've spent the whole day reading Young Avengers, suggested by hanadj on her LJ.

For those who don't know, Young Avengers is a comic series published by Marvel that follows the adventures of a group of young superheroes. As the name suggests, these superheroes are similar in powers and outfits to the well-known Avengers heroes. You know I usually only read manga. I was sure Marvel wasn't my cup of tea. However, what brought me to read Young Avengers was... a slash couple among the main characters. You know I'm a slash fan I... just couldn't resist.

This is a scene from the comic. Aren't they super lovely??? *tries to put herself together* However, I must quote what hanadj wrote on her post: "today is not acceptable to pretend nothing happened". Gay people are among us and they're no different from us. This is a step each big publishing house should take, sooner or later. I bet every one of us knows at least one homosexual person! So why in famous comics these people disappear? If we never insert homsexuals in normal contexts, how can people see them as normal? If comics, books, tv series all avoided homosexuals, considering them embarassing, today nobody would accept gay people, not even gay people themselves. On the contrary, if being gay was presented as normal not only in real life but also within fictional works, people would accept themselves and wouldn't be troubled by their sexual preferences. I'm only a slash fan, but that's what I think. Marvel made androids and humans marry, aliens and humans fall in love. Finally we also have gays!

A very lovely fan art~

And after this rant... do you want to read Young Avengers? If you're a fan of super heroes and such (like me!), or if you liked movies based on Marvel comics, I'm sure you'll like this series. I did like it, I read it in just one day. It was... confusing, but nice. There are nice characters and the plot is full of twists. If you're not used to Marvel (again, like me!), you might not understand where to start reading. There are different series, and if you don't know which one to start with, you'll get very pissed off (I assure you about that).


I haven't read all these series ↑ so if you notice I've made any mistakes, please inform me and I'll edit the cut. Also, if you know Young Avengers, I'd love to hear your opinion :D
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